Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Tuesday, June 12
It's a double computer, multiple latte kind of day. In better news, my barista was adorable. I sense a summer commitment to Caribou coming on...


June 11
Walk with Ben. Pretty great.


June 10
Sick in bed all day. Balls. At least I have  a good book! And lots of OJ!


June 9


Friday, June 8
Because I can. And I wanted to. And now, after 31 years, I can sleep without sweating during the summer. Praises be.


Thursday, June 7
Painted lady.


June 6

First row seats! I know all the right people! This game was awesome, and it was pretty amazing to see these strong, beautiful women kicking SO MUCH ASS up close.
Thanks Mary!


Tuesday, June 5
My name tag from Ms Clemons' 3rd grade classroom at Pillsbury Elementary School. Loved it.


June 4
Vintage kitties.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Sunday, June 3
New kicks!


Samosas at the movie theaters. WHAT WAS THIS MYSTERIOUS PLACE!?!?
Saturday, June 2
Katie's reacts appropriately.


Jenny and I made this rope swing 16 years ago when we were bored and 15 and bored and it was summer.  I remember struggling with the knots forevvvverererere... but look how well they've held up! Sometimes I forget how many connections I have to this neighborhood... how walking around can bring back so many specific memories.


Last day of school for the summer! M is reminding me that she is, in fact, 4 years old today. :)

Thursday, May 31

Celebrated the last day of school with a Brother Ali concert at First Ave, Seventh St Entry. SO SO GOOD! One of the best live shows I've ever been to. 


Wednesday, May 30


Tuesday, May 29
First, we fed the lemur some raisins.  Then we fed the ducks and geese... and they attacked! And we had to flee! Beware the wild geese of Plymouth!


Monday, May 28
Oh, oh oh. I got to see the Mell-Taylor fam. It was wonderful. Also, I got to meet Erin and Will's daughter Zara.  She'll be two in June ... 28 years ago when I was 2 and her mama was 3, Erin and I met for the first time. We spent EVERYMINUTETOGETHER for the next 5 years. The fact that we still keep in touch is such a blessing.  It was so lovely to meet her daughter and to have these clear, clear memories of her mom around that age.


Oh my goodness, Erin and I had a good time in Boston. We walked around Cambridge with Latrisha, and had lunch at Fire and Ice. She dropped us off at our hotel and then Erin and I wandered around Boston Gardens, Qunicy Market, the wharf, parts of the Freedom Trail and across the site of the first public school in the United States. Woot! A highlight for me was definitely seeing the Make Way for Ducklings Statues. Be still my nerdy, preschool teaching heart!


Saturday, May 26
 Justin and Rebecca's wedding. SO MUCH FUN! They are a wonderful couple and it's easy to see why- I've never met two nicer families. I had such a wonderful time!


Justin and Rebecca's rehearsal dinner in Waltham, MA.


Thursday, May 24


Wednesday, May 23
Observing the new chicks ...


Tuesday, May 22
At the Lab School


Monday, May 21
I am going to miss this, very very much.


Sunday, May 20
Lynx 2012 home opener. So fun! Here they are getting their championship rings from last season.


Saturday, May 19


Friday, May 18
Inaugural Beer die game of the 2012 season!

Birthday Biz!


Thursday, May 17
My new office in the ICD building at the University of Minnesota.


Wednesday, May 16
Rebecca and I went on a walk and found a little free library in my neighborhood! And when I picked out a book, this gem of a note fell out. It sort of made my my day. :)