Friday, February 6, 2009

Lexi's list

In honor of my friend Jenn's recent post, I too have some Lexi musings to share.  Last year my parents and I went out to dinner with Jenn and her family in Iowa City.  After Lexi took a poll on whether or not the adults at the table liked Miller Lite or not (smart girl), she started peppering me with questions about whether or not I was going to get married and have kids of my own.  Lexi, very astutely, has figured out that she and her sister are the kids in my life, and she seemed a little worried that any rugrats I might have in the future would usurp her position.  "Miss Marie," she told me very seriously, "if you had kids ... it would be weird."  After agreeing with her on the weirdness of my potential procreating, and pointing out that she would be my go-to babysitter should I ever drop some shorties, Lexi came up with the following list.  It's ten questions she gets to ask any possible co-baby makers.  I think she covered all the bases. 

1) Do you like basketball?
2) Do you like kids?
3) Do you like books?
4) Do you like shopping?
5) Are you tall?
6) Do you like yoga?
7) What's your favorite movie?
8) What's your favorite ice cream?
9) Do you like me?
10) Do you love Mrs. Marie?

While having my husband call me "Mrs. Marie" might be a little kinky, I'll let it slide if he's a tall, child-loving basketball player who likes to read books.  Is all I'm saying.



Jenn said...

That is one good list. :)

MS said...

Um...maybe Lexi should run a matchmaking service?? She's asking all the right questions!