Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Seedy Side of the State Fair

I know, I know. It's been months. Instead of pointing fingers and making biased accusations, let's just let bygones be bygones, shall we? Fast forward six months: I left my job at the preschool, moved back to Minnesota, started grad school, and discovered that I can fit 12 large green grapes in my cavernous mouth at one time. Needless to say, goals have been met.

I know what you're thinking. "Marie, your life is so rich and fulfilling! You're so busy and important! Why the sudden return to blogging?" Well, gentle reader, let me just say that the muse moves in mysterious ways. One day I'm idly cramming grapes in my mouth, Googling the Guinness World Record for the feat , and the next day inspiration is staring me in the face.

Like any good Minnesotan, I am deeply moved by crop art in all of its glorious forms. The seed art display at the Minnesota State Fair never fails to deliver, and this year was no exception. While magnificent and, dare I say, inspirational, Mr. C's piece (see above) has left me with a few questions. For instance; how did he choose which first ladies to render in seed? Why does Mr. C have a halo circling his head? Why does Laura Bush have a monkey on her shoulder? And for the love of salsa, what can cockatiels and Nancy Reagan possibly have in common?!?!

I pondered these questions as I left Mr. C's masterpiece and made my way towards the other seed art submissions. I wandered in wonder past an ipod, a portrait of Willie Nelson, and a copy of Obama's birth certificate. I ogled an eerily apt portrayal of Bill Cosby and was contemplating the possible blasphemy inherent in a depiction of the Virgin Mary when I came face to face with my future.

If I spend my latter years making portraits of my cat out of seeds, will you still be my friend?



Elissa said...

Yay Marie! Great to read your new post! Always good for chuckles :)

As for friendship in your hypothetical future state, it will depend on the quality of the work.

Shannon said...

indeed i will - in fact, will you consider making a seed portrait of me and my gnomes?