Saturday, January 10, 2009


Maybe you were wondering what you should get me for Christmas.  Maybe you’re realizing that, while the holiday has passed, you haven’t missed your chance to ply me with a token of your regard.  Maybe you’re realizing that I’m the kind of girl that will receive a belated holiday gift with no recriminations or nay saying, no judgment or ill will!! You probably just thought to yourself “Marie is the kind of class act that wouldn’t even in the darkest corner of her mind think “that lazy so and so is JUST getting around to giving me a gift? I know someone who’s getting an anonymously delivered box of coal next holiday season. Late.”” So now you’re racking your brain and scouring the clearance aisles at Target looking for the perfect memento.  One piece of advice: leave the mug o’ beer shaped cheeses on the shelves, slackers.  I already got me one of those.

 Said cheese was the gift I received at the family gift exchange on Christmas Eve.  It was accompanied by a Packer’s bottle coozie and stocking cap.  The only gift that was traded more frequently was the bottle of Bombay gin my brother provided.  





MS said...

That is awesome! Ah, Wisconsin...

Thanks for your holiday greetings! It is great to hear from you, and also to keep up with your Scrabble scores here at the blog. Love from all the Ms!

megamax said...

OMG that is the sweetest ever. We do that kind of exchange with the ol' Beamanz too--I have never got anything THAT cool!!