Thursday, January 15, 2009


This post is dedicated to the wonder that is Cosmopolitan magazine.  Some of you may laugh derisively as I wax poetic about the sex advice and dieting tips that Cosmopolitan so generously spews forth, but we’ll see who has the last laugh when you ladies come running to me begging for tips on “What Makes a Great Girlfriend” (Feb. 2009: 48).  Also, did you know that when a guy says, “I’m not looking for a relationship,” what he’s actually saying is “I really just want to do you”? I know that because I read all 50 of the “guy phrases” Cosmopolitan took the time to translate for readers like me (Feb. 2009:103).  Psych.

See, Cosmopolitan isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.  Never mind the insidious sexism engendered by a magazine billing itself as an “agent for social change” while featuring articles that warn women not to gain weight lest they “feel self-conscious about [their bodies] and be less provocative in bed” (Feb. 2009: 149).  Forget about all that and admit that, while it might not be pleasant to hear, your ass shouldn’t “grow in direct proportion to your affection for your guy” (Feb.2009: 148).  Cosmopolitan is here to help you sister, so stop slouching and pay attention.

This month’s issue of Cosmopolitan had me at hello … if by “hello” you mean the cover’s promise that “Once [I] Know The Key Arousal Triggers, [I] Can Double His Satisfaction” and by “had me” you mean that though I’ve tried to cancel my mysterious subscription for 2 years I’m still receiving the monthly issue.

Aside from learning how to double my man’s pleasure, February 2009’s issue taught me a number of valuable lessons.  I now know that red turns men on more than any other hue, Ali Larter’s favorite part of her body is her butt, leggings are sexier than sweatpants, 59 % of women polled prefer David Beckham with spiked (over simple) hair, gossiping is an ultimate deal breaker and will make my man leave me, it’s skanky to wear a dress with a massive hooded collar (though a small ruffled collar on said dress will catapult you right over to sexy), and I should never sleep with a man on our first date, no matter how much he begs, because doing so will rob him of the chance to “treat [me] like gold” (Feb. 2009: 162).

Sure, Cosmopolitan’s purported message of empowerment can get lost amongst the bombardment of sexual advice.  And yes, it will be difficult for me to remember all of their tips for reigning in my behavior so that my man doesn’t think that I’m too needy, possessive, jealous, bitchy, frigid, wild, or opinionated … but at least I’ll have a man!

Nobody said love was easy, but Cosmopolitan seems to think that it’s all I need, and they’re willing to provide me with the tools and detailed abdominal workouts that will get me a life partner (excusing future weight gain).  So bring it on Cosmopolitan!  This fun, fearless, female is ready to clean out her closet and bone up on seduction tricks that will keep my new guy hooked.




Maddy said...

Don't lie, you didn't try to cancel your subscription. How did it follow you to Madison?


Maybe it should add for ways to get a guy: Don't go to sleept at 6:30 on a Friday night and sleep thru until 8:30 am the next morning. See all the fun we could have had if you can to St. Louis???

Marie said...

I DON'T KNOW HOW IT FOLLOWED ME TO MADISON! It creeped me out the first time I got an issue here, just because I couldn't figure out how they got my address. All I can come up with is that the subscription is tied to another subscription, maybe? So when I changed my address with everyone else, Cosmo got my new address too...?


I miss you.