Thursday, September 11, 2008

On Wisconsin

Here's the thing about people from Wisconsin; they know what they like.  Not only do they know what they like, but once they find something they like, they'll stick with it come hell or high water. Sparta's Butterfest is a case in point.  First held in 1984, the fest was named in honor of the local milk plant.  24 years later the beer tent is still bangin'... even though the milk plant has been closed for 18 years.  Need another example?  Ask a Wisconsin native to take you out to dinner on a Friday night and let me know if you end up somewhere other than a fish fry.  Still question my finely tuned insight?  Last weekend my cousin Peter, a diehard Packer's fan, was wearing a Jets cap.  Booya.  Which brings me to pickle sushi.  A few days ago I was eating dinner at a Chinese food buffet here in Wisconsin when I came across these babies.  I'd like to think that somewhere along the course of history the following conversation took place:

"What the hell is this?"
"Ahhh ... it's sushi, sir."
"Yeah, but what the HELL is inside?"
"Well that's a California roll, sir.  It's made of crab meat and avocado, and wrapped in rice and seaweed."
"We're in Wisconsin."
"Well, yes, bu ..."
"We're in WISCONSIN. Forget that California crap. What you need here is a pickle."
"A pickle? But sir..."
"Hell yeah a pickle. You see any avocado around here?  Stick some pickles in there and that'll be just the ticket."
"B ..."
"Well ..."

And voila.  Shut up Wisconsin haters. They were tasty.



gsonge said...

You Wisconsin-ites are crazy.
Now, what you need in there is chocolate. That's right, chocolate!

gsonge said...

And, Marie, you crack me up!! How I miss thee and your witty banter!